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California at its best

Where do the locals go?

The Lab's flagship restaurant takes a fluid, cutting edge, and evolving approach to dining. We are committed to sourcing our local organic ingredients as close to Oceanside as possible. Come enjoy our exclusive guest chef experience, in addition to our awarded executive chef Ramiro Guerra's unique coastal cuisine.

Team Driven

Keeping it simple and working together is the formula for giving you a great meal and memorable experience at the restaurants of The Lab Collaborative. Abbreviated, our name is TLC - and that is no accident. At TLC, modern, upscale dining is delivered in a friendly, caring, and artless way. Whether in flip flops and a t-shirt or the suit you wore to land that new job, you are welcome here. To us, hospitality is always more important than what you wear, so come as you are and stay as long as you like. Our concept is focused on nourishing the body and creating community. Bring your friends. Let us feed you.

Locally Sourced

At The Lab Collaborative, the path from farm to table is direct and uncomplicated. Local sourcing means better food. All the ingredients on your plate are chosen with care and are as fresh and local as the farm down the road or what swims near the sandbar just this side of the horizon. While the restaurant industry may define farm-to-table as ingredients sourced within 500 miles of their location, we believe that you should know the fields and surf the waves that feed you. 

The short distance to our table means that there is no fresher meal that we can offer to our friends and neighbors. Insisting on the finest local ingredients is about more than offering quality, freshness, and superior dishes that take their references from our natural resources. The Lab Collaborative supports the passion and livelihood of our neighbors - especially those who need our help to grow a prosperous future.


The collaboration that goes into our food also happens behind the bar. We bet it has been a while since you tasted a truly unique cocktail. The artisan bartenders at The Lab Collaborative are as inventive as every other member of our team. Choosing from our premium and top-shelf liquors and fresh juices and fruits, we invite you to challenge our team to compound an entirely new drink that you will only find here. You never know…maybe we will name it after you!
Executive Chef and Partner

Ramiro Guerra

He is a native of North County and spends most of his time outside the restaurant with his daughter Gillian. He splits time with soccer and helping her grow into a young lady.

At 16, Guerra dropped out of high school and got a job at a woodshop to help support his family, then struggling with homelessness. He worked as a carpenter for eight years until one day his tools were stolen. To bridge the income gap, Guerra picked up his first restaurant job at Chili’s in Escondido where he learned to cook on the line and find his passion as both cook and teacher.

Ramiro then graduated of the Western Culinary Institute in Oregon. A top student, he faced his final black box exam secret ingredient…. fish. Problem was that Ramiro is allergic to all seafood. But true to his spirit and ability he overcame and managed a near perfect score.

In the years since, Guerra has been the Regional Training Director for Chilis, Corporate Executive Chef at Genentech, culinary teacher at Palomar College, Executive Kitchen Manager with BJ’s restaurants, and most recently the Executive Chef and brand builder at Belching Beaver.

He has built Belching Beaver into a local staple of North County. He was responsible for everything menu and operations related. He created and ensured delicious consistency of the popular spinach and mozzarella meatloaf while introducing diners to Picanha — a Brazilian steak experience typically found in traditional churrascarias — Guerra’s been the flavor architect of Belching Beaver’s menu since its Tavern & Grill in Vista opened in 2016. His seasonal menu was driven by Belching Beaver’s extensive beer and wine selection, and includes global flavors and traditions he’s learned from fellow trained chefs as well as his abuelita’s kitchen.

For locals, by locals

Our Local Collaborations

Embracing the 'for locals, by locals' ethos, our dynamic collaborations thrive in the heart of Oceanside and its surrounding region. From artisans to producers, these partnerships epitomize community-driven excellence, seamlessly woven into every aspect of the TLC experience.
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