TLC Sandbox Truck White

The Sandbox. Dig In.

TLC’s Oceanside test-kitchen on wheels.
Discover new flavors while we experiment with tradition.


@South O Brewing Company
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm


@South O Brewing Company
3:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Not your average food truck

Taste the California Coast

All of our ingredients are chosen with care. Whether they grow in the rich soil from our local farm or we’ve fished them out of a nearby bay, when you devour our dishes, you’re nourishing yourself with Oceanside while supporting your neighbors. We don’t fly or ship food in from other places; the route from farm-to-plate is direct and uncomplicated. You won’t find finger food this fine at any ole’ food truck spot.
About our Food Truck
Help us test

You’re Catalyst for Creation

We like to give our chefs a place to play because all artists need space to imagine. Could you be the one to help us decide which dishes will grace The Lab restaurant menu? Come and taste, tell us what you think, or simply delight your tastebuds with creative cuisine. Close your eyes, listen to the waves, and experience how creamy meets crunchy, sweet balances tart with the sand in your toes and salt in the air.
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Hungry for adventure

Traditional Classics With a Twist

Our dishes are as American as the great melting pot of our Nation. We have influences from Asia, South America, Europe, and more. In our kitchen, every voice is heard and we love experimenting with culinary favorites. If you’re a dishwasher with a knockout chicken soup recipe, you’ll find it on The Lab restaurant menu one day (this actually happened). We’re as passionate about our TLC family as we are about our wider San Diego community.
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Come Hungry

The hardest part is deciding what to eat.

We do our best to accommodate any dietary requirements, food allergies, or special requests.

If there’s one thing we’ve proved with our test lab on wheels, it’s that great food can be done anywhere outside of a traditional kitchen. Come and let us change your expectations about how a food truck is done.

TLC Sandbox Test Kitchen on Parking Lot

Great Food Anywhere and Everywhere

Did you know you can rent the Sandbox?
Hire us and make your next event better than sliced bread.
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