Sandbox Oceanside

Building a great menu with creativity and collaboration

We value all voices and opinions from our team and from our customers.

While our food truck is not your typical fried, comfort food, we do try to appeal to all tastes. You’ll find something on the menu for everyone, from the pickiest eaters to the more adventurous palettes.

Most of what we serve is familiar but elevated and laid back enough to enjoy outdoors. Come with a date or fresh from a surf and soak up the experience.

TLC Sandbox Food Truck Menu
Never stale

An Experiment in Deliciousness

We’re constantly hungry for new ideas and ways to evolve our menu. Complex flavors are constructed through our unique recipes because we make absolutely everything from scratch, from our sauces to the brioche buns. This way, each element on your plate is a best-supporting actor. We serve up something for everyone but keep an open mind because we love a plot twist.
TLC Sandbox Beef Grill
Locally sourced

From Farm to Fork

With our food truck, The Sandbox, and all of The Lab Collaborative food and beverage spots, the path from farm to table is direct and uncomplicated.

Local sourcing means better food; it’s fresher, tastier, and more nutritious. All the ingredients on your dish are chosen with care and are fresh from the farm down the road or what swims near the sandbar this side of the horizon.

While the restaurant industry may define farm-to-table as ingredients sourced within 500 miles of their location, we believe that you should know the fields and surf the waves that feed you. All of our food is sourced within 50 miles of Oceanside. We have our own fishing boat, we’ve just purchased a local farm, and all our beers come from breweries within 5 miles.

The short distance to our table means there is no fresher meal we can offer to our friends and neighbors.

Insisting on the finest local ingredients is about more than offering quality, freshness, and superior dishes that take their references from our natural resources. The Lab Collaborative supports the passion and livelihood of our San Diego neighbors - especially those who need our help to grow a prosperous future.

Community is our Hero Ingredient

Get down to The Sandbox food truck because you don’t want to miss out on exciting dishes that may disappear like the tide.
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